Book your free consultation with me 

So you're ready to start planning the Wedding day you dream of and think the services of a wedding planner may be useful to you but you'd like to find out a little bit more about how it all works.
You'd like the opportunity to have an informal chat with the Wedding planner to make sure you get on, after all you'll be spending alot of time with them or on the phone to them in the run up to your big day and you want to ensure you're on the same wave length.

Get in touch with me and we will arrange to meet up for a relaxed free consultation.
I will send you a detailed questionaire about any thoughts, ideas, plans, needs and wishes you may already have regarding your perfect wedding day, there will also be questions about you as a couple, how you met, your family, your interests and so on.

When I receive the completed questionaire from you, I will use it to do a little bit of research about themes and venues that may suit you so that when we meet up I can make a few suggestions to you and add a little inspiration at the consultation and give you a clearer picture of how I will be able to help you to plan and personalise your wedding and how my services will be a valuable asset to you during the planning process.

We will chat about your hopes for the day, what kind of budget you have to spend, how many guests you'd like to invite and what you envisage the day to look like and all the suppliers that will involve. I will endeavour to answer any questions you have.
We will discuss what package or services might suit your needs best and I will confirm costings with you.

The meeting will last around an hour and a half.

If following our meeting you decide you would like to employ me as your Wedding Planner and Coordinator, then I will write a proposal for your wedding and draw up a contract for my services and we will get on with the exciting preparations for your fabulous Wedding.