Having been a Bride myself and having organised many large events I understand how incredibly important it is to have an idea of how much everything is going to cost very early on to help you budget for your amazing day.
You want to get as much as you can out of your day but without exceeding your limit and creating financial worry.

You probably want to work out a few sums before you have the pressure of speaking to suppliers and it can be very frustrating and off putting when websites don't give any idea of how much they charge for their services.
This is why I am being very open about my pricing structure and this is why I have a varied selection of packages to suit all budgets.

If you want a beautiful wedding on a fairly tight budget then take a look at my 'Beautiful budget' package or if you'd like to plan everything yourselves but want to have peace of mind on your big day and don't want to take a chance that things might not go to plan then why not hire an 'On the day coordinator'?

If you have something in mind that you think we might be able to help with but you can't see a package that suits then please contact me.

I check my emails very regularly. 

*Please see my Sweetie Buffet and Heavenly Hampers pages for current Special Deals!


Perfect Packages
Packages are available to suit many different needs and budgets.

A sprinkle of fairydust-The perfect engagement gift to yourselves, your daughter, son, best friend, or beautiful Bride to be!! £150.(includes £200 discount voucher off Full coordination service and a voucher for 2 free Fairy Godmother hours) 

I will send the couple who are to be married a detailed questionaire which when received back by me I will use to research, review and compile a list of reputable venues and wedding suppliers which I believe will meet the needs and wishes of the wedding couple.

I will create a small inspirational dream board of ideas, images and suggestions which I believe will help the couple achieve their dreams of their special day.

I will arrange a consultation with the Bride or the couple which will last around 2 hours in which I will discuss all the suggestions, recommendations and ideas with them.

I will leave them with a list of the recommended suppliers and also a wedding planning toolkit which will include suggested budget guidelines, a personalised wedding timeline, top tips and a list of things not to forget! I will endeavour to answer any questions the couple may have during the consultation.

The couple can then redeem their 2 free fairy Godmother hours against any further help, research or questions they may have during their wedding planning process.

Contact me to purchase 'A Sprinkle of Fairy Dust Gift voucher'


A helping hand for those busy brides to be on a budget. £190.

So you've got engaged  and are very excited about having a fabulous wedding but you're a bit tight for time, fitting in meetings with a wedding planner and spending hours trawling the internet for perfect venues and suppliers might prove to be difficult and you've got to be careful with your budget.

You like the idea of planning your wedding yourself but are perhaps in need of a little inspiration or guidance to get started.

This is where I can help.

The helping hand package involves me sending you a detailed questionaire about any hopes, visions or dreams you have about your big day, it will also ask you about when you want your special day to be and who you want to be involved aswell as any difficulties you think you may encounter and any special requirements that need to be addressed.
I will use the questionaire to create an idea of what your perfect day could look like.
I will use this to research and evaluate reputable and suitable venues and suppliers which meet your criteria and will help you to plan the day you dream of.
I will pass these details and ideas on to you.

This service is designed to inspire you, to save you some valuable time and to equip you with the contacts and tools you need to get ahead with planning the Wedding day you dream of. 

I will also send you my wedding planning toolkit which will include a personalised timeline, recommended budget breakdown, top tips, and things to remember. 

This package also includes 2 Fairy Godmother hours which can be used to ask me any further questions you may have via email.


Basic Wedding Budget Planning from £60.

I will meet with you to discuss your overall wedding budget, the type of venue you wish to get married in and the location of
your desired reception.

We will establish what you hope your perfect day will look like and what kind of suppliers will be required to make this happen.

 I will then create a budget that will be broken down into all the seperate elements it needs to cater for. This will give you a plan to stick to and work within to help you stay on track.

If you decide on full wedding coordination then budget planning is included within that service.

Venue Search and Suitability Assessment from £110.

If you do not require any of my other services but would like a little help finding the perfect venue then I will meet with you or liaise via email if you prefer to discuss all your requirements, the needs of your guests and your vision of the perfect Wedding day and I will use my knowledge, research and contacts to recommend 3-5 venues that meet your needs and wishes.

 I can also make bookings for viewings and tastings at those venues.

I will also check that all the health and safety requirements and necessary licences are met and held at those venues and that the facilities are suitable. I will do further searches if required.

Supplier Search from £60 per supplier category

I will supply you with the details and brief costings of 3 reputable suppliers that meet your requirements and will fit in perfectly with your vision for your Wedding day.

Beautiful Budget Weddings(Revised coordination for weddings with a total budget of £7000 or less, more details available on request) from £550.

Celebrations on a shoe string can still be fabulous!

If you have a smaller budget for your big day then I will arrange a meeting with you then work with you and your budget to come up with some wonderful ideas and solutions which means you will get the most for your money and still have a lovely wedding day without breaking the bank!

I will search for perfect venues and suppliers and pass them on to you for you to pick and book. I will offer telephone and email support every step of the way. I will help you come up with imaginative ways to cut costs without cutting style and I will help you plan your budget.

You will have access to all my wedding planning tools.

I will also contact all your suppliers the week before your wedding and supply them with timelines to make sure they are all on track.

You may then choose to add 'On the day coordination' if available at a reduced rate of £200.
Fabulous Final Touches from £450.

For couples who have already booked their venues, made most of the big decisions about their day and have decided on most of their suppliers but need a bit of help with the final touches such as venue decoration, invitations, entertainment or transport and who want someone to be there to actually make sure everything runs smoothly on the day.

I will create timelines for Wedding party and suppliers and search for any suppliers you still need. I will liaise with your venues and suppliers already booked and do whatever needed to make sure your perfect day is on track.

I will also be there to manage the special day itself.

Prices are dependant on how close the Wedding date is and how much still needs to be done.

On The Day Coordination from £350.
I will meet with you 3-4 weeks before the wedding to find out all the details about your special day.

I will contact suppliers in the couple of weeks before the Wedding and create timelines for them and the wedding party to ensure everything is on track.

I will visit venues on the week before the Wedding to familiarise myself and to prepare any contingency plans.

I will be available to assist and supervise arrangements on the day before the wedding.

I will be a point of contact for all members of the wedding party during the week before the wedding to offer advice, support and assistance. 

I can attend wedding rehearsal the day before wedding if requested.

I will assist in the set up where necessary and then I will be there to coordinate the day itself to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Organisation of pre-wedding dinner and management of pre-wedding accomodation for guests can be added to this package from as little as £70.

Simply On The Day £175 +travel.

Runner/Time keeper, only available for off peak weddings in Oct,Nov, March and April.

This is a basic on the day coordination service. I will have telephone coversations with the Bride and Groom and receive a timeline of the day and contact details of service providers from them.

A member of my team will then be on hand on the day only, to coordinate the day and keep things running to schedule.

Heavenly Honeymoon organising from £200

Fairy Godmother hours ( to help you sort out or find a little something) £15 per hour.

Hen/Stag party organising from £100.

* Fabulous  Full Wedding Coordination, from initial dream boards to final performance( for weddings with a budget of over £7000) from £1900.*

Initial consultations and creation of Wedding dreamboards to work out what your perfect day will look like.

Wedding planning toolkit for wedding couple including timelines, top tips and guidelines on traditions and etiquette.

Help you to create the perfect day you envisage within the budget you have set.

Follow up and progress report meetings.

Email and telephone support for Bride, Groom, wedding party and designated contacts in the run up to wedding.

Budget planning and monitoring.

Creation and distribution of Wedding plans timelines and Wedding day timetables to Wedding Party, venues and suppliers.

Venue searches and appointment bookings for ceremony and reception.

All reputable supplier searches and appointment bookings ( to include caterers, flowers, decorations, transport, cakes, favors, entertainers, toastmasters, Wedding attire, jewellery, photographers, videographers, beauticians and anything else required)
Negotiation of  discounts with suppliers where possible and passing that discount on to wedding couple.

Liasing with venues, suppliers and caterers.

Continued line of communication with chosen wedding venues.

Assistance in the personalisation of wedding ceremony.

Advice and assistance with themes and colour schemes.

Assistance with the finding and choosing of Wedding party attire if requested.

Booking and attendance at(if required) catering tasting sessions.

Pre wedding dinner organisation.

Continued contact with couple, venue and suppliers.

Advice, ideas and regular phone call and email contact between planner and Wedding couple.

Gift list planning.

Assistance with invitations, guest list management,and table plans. (Full RSVP management available at small additional cost).

Liaising with venue coordinator and Master of Ceremonies.

Assistance in set up day before wedding.

Attendance at Wedding rehearsal if requested.

Implementation of any necessary contingency plans and problem solving.

Car park management.

Full on the day management and coordination.

My promise to do all I can to make sure your Wedding day is fabulous!!!

Discounts available for midweek and out of season (Oct-March) weddings.

An average wedding in Britain takes 240 hours to plan and prepare, most couples are busy working hard to pay for their wedding and want to spend what precious time they are not at work enjoying themselves, spending time together, setting up home and pampering themselves ahead of their big day. A wedding planner does all the hard work for you and makes sure that all you have to worry about is what your going to wear and where in the world you're going to spend your heavenly Honeymoon!
A good Wedding Planner should never take over, just simply use all of your wishes and dreams to create the day you hoped for, within your budget and using only reputable suppliers, this of course will make their services the most valuable thing you will spend any of your wedding budget on.

I will of course make sure that your whole experience is fabulous!

 *Additional costs may be charged for travel over a certain number of miles or in extreme circumstances where it is necessary for wedding coordinator to book over night accomodation in order to efficiently carry out all required duties at a rural or uneasy to access venue.