Because there is always room for dessert !! :)


There is something about desserts that bring out the big kid in us, they are a bit naughty but very irresistable and quite exciting and what better place to let yourself indulge than at a wedding or a fabulous party?

And what nicer way to treat your wonderful guests than to tempt them with a selection of mouth watering goodies and delicious desserts all arranged in beautiful buffet style so they can take a little bit or alot of anything they fancy?!


Package prices start from just £4.50 per person for a minimum of 4 pieces per person.

Childrens dessert and sweetie buffet prices start from just £2.50 per child.

Fresh baked cakes and goodies available. Take home treat bags provided too.

Price negotiable depending on type and quantities of desserts required.

Package price includes delivery, set up, display crockery hire, and props for table decoration.

Please email me for a quote at and arrange your little bit of something delicious !